The Idea & The Mirror

March 22nd, 2014 2 min read


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    Being a guy while visiting a shopping city with your girlfriend may cause your mind to drift away while walking thru Macy’s. Or at least, this happened to me while i was visiting New York last january. 

    Long story short: while wandering around I noticed a mirror with an illuminated sing on it. This is something i could built myself. Only better. I wanted my own Magic Mirror!


    (Ok, a mirror like this would be awesome. But this is not what i mean with Magic Mirror …)

    Once home, I started to figure out what was needed: a mirror, a thin monitor, a Raspberry Pi, some wood and paint, and lots of spare time.

    The Mirror.

    Now, a regular mirror would not work. The mirror needed to be semi transparent. Or to be more precise: it should behave like a mirror when the screen behind it was black, and should behave like a regular glass window when information is displayed on the screen. 

    This is the same idea how a mirror in a police interrogation room works. When only one room is light, it behaves like a mirror. Otherwise it’s a regular glass window. 


    What i needed was a observation mirror. Now, believe me when i say you’ll be asked weird questions when you ask a glass salesmen for an observation mirror. They are probably have even more creative minds … Oh well, a dirty mind is a joy forever.

    Anyway, eventually I was able to get my hands on a nice piece of observation mirror: let the fun begin!

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