ESP8266 Made Easy!

March 30th, 2015 1 min read


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As you might have noticed reading my recent blogs, I became pretty enthusiastic about the $4,- ESP8266 Wifi module which includes a programmable MCU allowing you to create stand-alone wireless awesomeness. The only problem was, programming this beauty was a bit odd. That all changed this weekend!

Some geniuses of the ESP8266 community managed to throw together a version of the Arduino Development Environment which natively supports the ESP8266. This allows you to use (most) of your Arduino code and upload it to your ESP8266 with the click of a button!


Most of the common used features are supported right now. Of course there still are some rough edges, but nothing that really stops you from building some wireless awesomeness.

If you’ve got some ESP8266’s laying around, check out the ESP8266 Arduino environment on GitHub. And if you run into any problems, make sure to check out the ESP8266 Arduino community pages.


May the wireless force be with you!

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