Power Suit Part 5: The Missing Parts


Last weeks instalment of the on board computer was the core of all electronics on the Power Suit. But still, there are some important parts missing. This week we’ll finish all the electronics by adding the sound amplifier, the bluetooth audio receiver and the nunchuck controller.

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Power Suit Part 4: Power up the brains!


Installing last weeks LEDs was fun! But as mentioned earlier, they won’t work without any computer control. The same goes for the controllable wings. So the next thing on the to do list, is building the on board computer.

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Just some random monday soldering. #hyperlapse #electronics

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I think my girlfriend is one of the first flight attendants in the world with a @Github sticker on her suitcase. #nerdlove


Power Suit Part 3: LED there be light!


Last week, my Football Suit became a Power Suit. But a Power Suit is no Future Power Suit without light effects. A lot of light effects. Therefor it’s time to add some NeoPixel gems. 72 NeoPixels to be exact.

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On to the next project!


Power Suit Part 2: Demolish the Football Suit


Last week I introduced my totally useless but extremely fun next project. The Power Suit! With more then 1700 YouTube views it’s obvious you guys are interested in the project. So without further ado, I continue as promised and demolish the Football Suit.

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I think I have an Arduino addiction.

Power Suit Part 1: Building every boy’s dream


Every once in a while you are looking for a nonsense reason to build something completely useless but absolutely awesome. This year’s trip to the Belgian Ardennes is the number one reason to achieve my childhood dream.

Besides the Quiz and some late night partying, one of the yearly traditions is a theme night. With this year’s theme: “Other Times” (dressed like the past or the future). This was all I needed to built my future Power Suit. And to make it even more awesome: let it be inspired on Iron Man.

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Repairing my NeoMatrix


As told a few weeks ago I was quite successful in blowing up my Adafruit Neopixel NeoMatix. Not once, but twice. And although the bypass was a nice workaround for the time being, I wanted a more permanent fix for my beloved LEDs.

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Work in progress.

Swifty Bluetooth using nRF8001-Swift


While working on one of my Arduino projects, I was in the need for a simple wrapper for communication with the Adafruit Bluefruit LE nRF8001 Breakout.

Since I was unable to find one (especially one that was Swift-ready) I wrote a Swift-wrapper myself. It is based on a Bluefruit LE Connect.

It has all the basic needs for basic two way communication and is easy to implement.

Check out nRF8001-Swift on GitHub!

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If you want to burn the boot loader to the #arduino pro mini using the TinyLoadr shield, this is how it’s done. Ignore the blue/green wire at the bottom.