MagicMirror², a huge announcement.

April 11th, 2016 3 min read

When I built my MagicMirror 2 year ago, I could have never predict the popularity of the project. With over 2,5 million pageviews on my blog, 1250 stars and almost 500 forks of the GitHub repository and a growing list of MagicMirror builders, the MagicMirror project deserves some extra love. Time to announce something awesome!

When I worked on the original project, the interface of the MagicMirror was just one of few stept in the process of making the first prototype. Because I never expected others to built upon my proof of concept, the software wasn’t as powerful and thought-through as it should have been from the start.

In the past two years, many community members worked on expanding the MagicMirror system allowing them to customize it to their needs. And while I admire this effort, I felt it needed some rethinking in order to grow beyond what was possible with the current version.

There clearly was the need for a modular system allowing users to install extensions without the need to modify the core framework. Furthermore, the installation process needed to be streamlined. No more need for webservers and browsers. Just an all in one solution.

So without further ado I proudly announce MagicMirror², The open source modular smart mirror platform!

MagicMirror²: The open source modular smart mirror platform.
MagicMirror²: The open source modular smart mirror platform.

MagicMirror² is built upon Electron (allowing you to write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS), uses a modular driven approach and allows you to keep your platform up-to-date without losing your MagicMirror configuration. The application includes a built in web server, a socket driven backend and lots of documentation to help you built your own modules.

Both the front and backend are built in JavaScript (without the use of a bloated jQuery library) and uses the power of CSS animations for the smoothest experience.


MagicMirror² is currently in a beta stage but fully available for direct use. If you run into any issues, make sure to check the documentation and issue list on GitHub.

A big thank you

Of course, this version would never be possible without the help of our growing community of contributors. Though for the v2-beta branch my special thanks go out to Bitte-ein-bit, Paul-Vincent Roll, Nicholas Hubbard (our Markdown King!), Christopher Fenner, Sam Vendittelli and many others who have made countless contributions to this project. Without their help, this wouldn’t be possible.


Want to help? Contributions of all kinds are welcome, not only in the form of code but also with regards bug reports and documentation. Even a mention on your Blog, Twitter, Facebook or piece of toilet paper would be a great help!

MagicMirror² - The open source modular smart mirror platform.

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